Women's Fitness

The link between women's fitness and a healthier, happier life is quite clear. The bottom line is, women who watch what they eat and follow a simple exercise routine feel better about themselves and that's reflected in everything they do. Ready to kick it into high gear and put women's fitness on the top of your "to do" list? Read on.

Fitness for Women - One Step at a Time

What exactly is fitness for women? Basically, its steps to a healthy lifestyle designed specifically for women. You know the saying "no pain, no gain," well when it comes to women's fitness that isn't necessarily true. By taking small steps to eating right and implementing a simple exercise routine you can gain a better level of fitness without too much pain. Here are some things you can do to get started.

  • Keep a diary of what you eat
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Plan meals and snacks in advance
  • Don't food shop when hungry
  • Integrate small diet and exercise changes – one at a time
  • Don't eat within two hours of going to sleep
  • Limit your intake of carbs
  • Join a health club
  • Compare weight loss programs
  • Don't go it alone

Studies show that when it comes to women's fitness, those who work out with a friend do so with more consistency. In addition, letting a spouse or a friend know that you are watching your weight or working towards a specific fitness goal, may help you reach your goal quicker and easier.

Baby steps….that's what it's all about. The key to women's fitness is enjoying the journey and we're here to help.

Ready to make women's fitness a part of your life? Take the first step at LucilleRoberts.com.